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xuntas - the place to gather 
a versatile studio. for wellbeing. 
available to rent
        2258 West Grand Avenue @Oakley Boulevard
                             Chicago, IL 60612

       Gather for Our Final Collaboration: April 1, 2017

PRACTICE Yoga Con Irma private lessons.  Online Healing Psychic Reading. Energy party.  October, 2017 Earth Sacral Chakra Getaway to Lake Titicaca, Peru!

Contact: irma@xuntaschicago.com 

Let's collaborate to bring well-being, energy, movement, joy, creativity to ourselves and our community! I have created space just for that. 


 ‘xuntas’ is a play on the Spanish term ‘juntas’ meaning ‘together’ in its feminine form.  It represents a bit of the owners origin, intention and not coincidentally, the growing community participant profile.


About the Owner: Irma Vázquez, 

Certified Teacher of Yoga (CYT), from Moksha Yoga Chicago

creator of space, xuntas - the place to gather

mistress of energy - chakraTUDE, psychic reader and energy healer

Irma has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and has studied with a variety of teachers.  Her classroom practice began in New York City on Sept 11 where she discovered the healing powers of meditation, chanting and community during devastating circumstances.   Since then, she’s been an advocate and proponent of the benefits of a yoga practice to anyone who would listen. xuntas – the place to gather, a rental studio she founded, has become the outlet for this.   

With extensive international experience in corporate global Human Resources roles, frequently leading culturally diverse teams and facilitating strategic meetings, Irma has the awareness of team evolution phases and their needs.  This, coupled with her longtime yoga practice beautifully blends the gross and subtle qualities of human learning and growth into one playful and fun experience - perfect to tailor and lead a team energizing session of any kind. 

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