1:1 Worklife Clairvoyant Career Coaching and Chakra Energy Healing

I guide global businesses, teams and individuals to fulfill true purpose in work and life with holistic HR consultation and energy healing that awakens the spirit. My design strategies include mindfulness, game, clairvoyant, law of nature and yogic principles.

Work Life Clairvoyant Career Coaching * Healing Psychic Reading * Monthly Themes * Group Parties * Shaman Oracle Card Reading * Free Meditation

Are you living out your true purpose at work and in life?

How fulfilled are you?

What does your body need to energize and heal?

Gain insight to your life questions by understanding how energy appears in your mind, body and spirit. Book a clairvoyant reading with me to access and awaken your spirit. Your spirit will guide you to balance your internal chakra, i.e. energy system and the answers in life you seek.

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Themes can include:

* Past Life * Aura Cleansing * Astral Body Healing * Women's Energy * Chakra Balancing * Work Life/Career Coaching * Relationship Building * Akashic Records * Build Your Own Reading *

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50 Minutes * In person or Online

To affect change at a visceral level, the mind and physical body are engaged through these energy readings with tangible action plans. These plans diminish limiting thoughts, old habits and outline new behaviors to practice. Themes can include: * Career * Work Life * Health * Wealth *

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50 Minutes * 1 per month for 3 months * In person or Online

Astrological positions of the moon and planets affect our energy and bodies in different ways. In these readings, I'll look at the characteristics of the month's moon sign and how to maximize the cosmic energy that's dealt for you.

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30 minutes * In person or Online * Limited Offerings

Gather a group in a private party and have mini 1:1 readings with each person while the group connects. Each reading will include a spirit hello, a chakra cleansing and answer to one question.

BYO snacks, and drinks!

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15 minutes * 1:1 Readings * Minimum 5 people * In person only

Sacred symbols have existed long before time and language. This reading offers a doorway into the invisible realm of power, wisdom and understanding of the present, past and future. As practiced in Shamanism, the symbols and reverence of nature create the bridge to integrate both the physical world of reality with spirit. This reading provides information to assist you in the process of making decisions or gaining clarity as long as you claim your individual responsibility to answering your question.

15 minutes * In person Only

Learn how energy appears in you. And, if it's helpful to or hampering your desires.

A guide to colorfully charm your 7 chakras

with an Attitude of Energy


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to affirmations, and meditative imagery that awaken your energy centers.

Together, we can determine a personalized action plan so that you get energy moving in your life. This will clear away what's not serving you and make space to call in and fulfill your truest desires.

And if you're looking for community support, you're invited to join any of my group gatherings open to the public.

Write to me now: irma@xuntaschicago.com More at www.chakraTUDE.me