clairvoyant coaching & consulting services

Regenerative modals that serve and advocate People Care, Earth Care and Resource Share

My Mission

I guide businesses, teams and individuals to regenerate themselves, the collective and the planet by transmuting energy to fulfill spirit's authentic purpose. My modalities include game, clairvoyance, shamanic, permaculture and yoga, experiential practices.

Remote / Online options for all.

Holistic HR consultation

Regenerative Design assessments

Executive life coaching

and more

Transformational Gatherings

Public wellbeing offerings (many free)

Custom design team / retreat experiences

and more

1:1 Clairvoyant Coaching plans

Shamanic Oracle Card readings

Home / Office Energy Clearing

and more

What is a regenerative modal?

A way of operating that:

Cares for people and the planet alongside profits

Contributes more than what's consumed

Continually reimagines to rejuvenate it's design principles

At xuntas, stimulating continual energy flow is the core of my regenerative work.

People Care: All of my coaching , consultation & group work, ignites personal fulfillment (including my own) with harm to none

Earth Care: My experiential learning modalities & provocations of shamanic and permaculture principles revere land and nature as teachers

Resource Share: When one heals, we all heal. Plus revenue portions now go to an entity of your choice; a discount for a referral, a not-for-profit, etc

Holistic HR Consultant, Certified Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR)

mistress of energy - Certified Clairvoyant Career Coach & Chakra Healing Guide, Invision School of Psychic Abilities

Certified Teacher of Yoga (CYT), Yoga Alliance

Camping Leader Immersion Certified (CLIC), Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Professional Transformational Facilitator, Wise Womban Way

With extensive international experience in corporate global HR roles, Irma has led cross cultural, diverse teams to develop and deliver people strategies. Her executive level business partnerships range from established billion dollar company merger and acquisitions to building innovative start-ups and joint ventures.

As a yogini, clairvoyant energy coach and shamanic healing practitioner, she beautifully blends gross and subtle qualities of human learning and growth into provocative consultation for holistic, meaningful experiential learning. She designs and delivers people/planet/share-serving initiatives so that people may awaken, engage and perform as their best selves with fulfillment at work and life.

‘xuntas’ is a play on the Spanish term ‘juntas’ meaning ‘together’ in its feminine form. It represents a bit of the creator's origin, intention and not coincidentally, the growing client profile. It's evolved from housing The Place to Gather, a community yoga studio to a mobile consulting business gathering everywhere, including online.