For Individual 1:1 work/life healing

1:1  Worklife Chakra Energy Healing and Action Plan Coaching

I guide global businesses, teams and individuals to fulfill true purpose in work and life with energetic play and holistic HR strategies that awaken the spirit.

Do you wonder whether you're living out your true purpose at work?

Do you know what your true purpose is?

How fulfilled are you in life?

Gain insight to the these questions by understanding the chakras, i.e, energy centers of your existence.  Each of the 7 chakras in the body correlate to a different life characteristic.  
Learn how energy appears in you.  And, if it's helpful to or hampering your desires. 

A guide to colorfully charm your 7 chakras 
with an Attitude of Energy
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to affirmations, and meditative imagery 
that awaken your energy centers.

Contact me for 1:1 consultation and an energetic game plan to.
Together, we can determine a personalized action plan so that you get energy moving in your life.  This will clear away what's not serving you and make space to call in and fulfill your truest desires.

And if you're looking for community support, you're invited to join any of my group gatherings open to the public.

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