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I guide global businesses, teams and individuals to fulfill true purpose in work and life with energetic play and holistic HR strategies that awaken the spirit.

Custom designed VIA Character Strengths team activity

Based on positive psychology and 24 character strengths, have your team playfully Build Awareness, Explore and Apply their best features.  AND, see how collectively their individual traits form a team Virtue that they can be used to address challenges. 

Team event for Diversity, Inclusion and Workplace Respect training

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An exclusive event for People Leaders 

An introduction to 
The Basics of Role Playing Games
and possible applications in the workplace
2:00 - 6:00pm
Chicago, IL 60612
Maximum 6 players!

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The Basics of Role Playing Games 
and possible applications in the workplace

Engage your team and open their minds to worlds upon worlds of insight and adventure! Learn the basics of role playing games, build a character, create a team of adventurers, and embark on an imaginative journey that can last a lifetime!

The Premise
Have you ever wanted to play out a tough choice before making it?

Have you ever wished you could get inside someone’s skin and see the world as they might see it? 

That’s what role playing games can do.

We believe the basics of role playing games can be used to develop meaningful, collaborative, and evocative new ways of engaging employees in today’s challenging, multi-generational workforce - through PRACTICE in a safe simulated scenario.

The Offering
A team of players gathers for 12 hours over 4 sessions.

Session One: Building A Character
Session Two: Background, History, and Goals
Session Three: Skills and Experience Points
Session Four: Leveling Up

The fantasy setting and experiences can be conjured at game time, or specific themes can be tailored to address targeted needs or interests from your group.

The Opportunity
Millennials in the workplace are often forced into outdated forms of engagement and learning.

It’s time that engagement and learning approaches accommodate a multi-generational workforce. According to multiple studies (1), what people crave at their workplace is human connection (2): 
  • Collaboration
  • Experiences–not "training"
  • Unique personalization 
  • Transferable skills
  • A sense of purpose
  • A multi-faceted life (3)
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Group Gatherings
Plan a team building gathering or getaway retreat

Gather your team or group of friends with Irma to a venue of your choice or to xuntas - the place to gather, lovely studio.

Group activity favorites for any occasion or size include: 
  • Psychic Reading Parties
  • chakra Yoga Flow and wine (and/or chocolate!)
  • Offsite team 'Meetings, Meditations and Movements'
  • Sassy chakraTUDE apparel try-on party (imagine Tupperware-style) 
Or, for those seeking more adventure, travel to an energizing, mystical, uplifting location on earth. Irma's recent retreats to the earth's Energy Centers immerse travelers to healing of body, mind and spirit by tapping into divine, universal wonder.
Perfect for a team building activity like no other, Irma can:
  • customize a workshop or retreat tailored to group size, age, budget, time frame, location, or physical capability
  • align the activities with other goals that you and your team are pursuing
  • coordinate meals, transportation, equipment, music, dancing, entertainment, needs
  • provide follow-up consultation to reinforce and go deeper in lessons learned    
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Past Getaways (click for slideshows)
Greetings from Earths Root Chakra, Oct 2016:
2016 Strength in Stillness #YogaConIrma getaway

Hello from Feb 2016 Island Immersion:
Hiking the jungle trails, selfie break
Ocean Park Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico