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Good luck in your search to find space for building your craft!


New teachers eligible** for 1 FREE hour      

xuntas' rental Fee structure begins with a one hour minimum booking and can be customized based on usage.  
Discounts are applied for multiple booking.  The more you book and pay for, the lower the fee.  See the Space for all the inclusions in a rental.  

In addition, have the following Marketing Support:
* Class listing on the xuntas' public website and calendar
* Mentions on xuntas' Facebook News Feed
* Invitation to post flyers onsite
* Access to post on xuntas' Facebook's page (400+ followers)
* Possible feature in monthly newsletter (timing dependent)
* Event Posting to www.chicagoareayoga.com for small fee
2016 Rental Fees can be as low as $16 per hour.  Sample rates are below.  Please make Contact for a personalized quote.

Usage ** Rate/Hour Book 2+ Book 4+ Book 8+ Book 12 w/in 90 days Book 20 w/in 90 days Book 20 (<4 hrs ea) w/in 30 days
 1 hour $37 X $33 $29 $27 $22 $16
 2 hours $55 X $47    
 4 hours $120 $100     
(>4 hrs)
 $175 $160     

Weekend, Weekly, and Monthly rates also available upon request.

** New teachers only:  Receive 1 free hour to use after your first booking of more than $100. Prices Subject to Change without Notice.  Security deposit fee may apply.

15 minutes courtesy use prior to and after paid rental period.  Additional fees apply for usage beyond the courtesy period.  

Per Hour Hrs Available Total Paid
One hour class, once a week, booked and paid monthly: $33 4 $132
Hourly classes, booked & paid for 20 hrs to use within 30 days: $16 20 $320
One time 8 hour workshop @daily rate: $22 8 $175
Exclusions - Not Allowed on premises
Food Preparation
Signed Usage agreement
Signed Waivers
Proof of active business insurance coverage
Proof of valid teaching certification
$25 key deposit per each.  Refundable upon return within 1 week of event.
$25 replacement key fee
$25 cleaning fee for all rentals over 4 hours and/or including food/drink 
 - Refundable upon full cleaning requiring sweep and mop, complete trash disposal 
Disposal/Clean up upon each use for all rentals
Payment upfront  
Reservations preferred with 2 weeks advanced notice/Not guaranteed until payment is made. 

Forms of Payment Accepted
Online Chase Banking
Receipts available upon request

Cancellation Policy - Varies based on type of event/rate. Request prior to booking.