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This November, I'm collaborating with many gatherers.  Gather with me!

November 4th, 2017 - I lead the Let's Get Psychical workshop 
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I'm providing chakraTUDE Psychic Readings and charms for purchase
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Giving Free Psychic Chakra Scan and chakraTUDE charms for sale:
Use code VICH for 20% off 
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Mindfulness and Physical activity have been credited with numerous benefits to the human body and soul spirit.  Get your team together and out of the daily routine.  Experience an awakening of the physical senses and a rejuvenation of your deeper connection to you.  As a result, notice how your relationship with others magically evolves and your passion for what you do, shines brighter.

As a trained and practiced psychic and energy healer, Irma sees beyond the material and physical illusion of our realities.  Recognizing truth and beauty, she sets the tone and intention for all activities so that safety, validation and transformation occur with amusement.   
Mindfulness and Movement
With extensive international experience in corporate global Human Resources roles, having led culturally diverse teams and facilitated strategic meetings, Irma has the awareness of team evolution phases and their needs. This, coupled with her 15+ year yoga practice and deep spiritual awareness beautifully blends the gross and subtle qualities of human learning and growth into one playful and fun experience.  

Yoga Classes at your worksite
Bring yoga to your workplace. For all Levels.  Se habla espanol too!  In the comfort of your work location, employees and teams can participate in classes taught by Irma.  A fitness center is not required. No experience required.  You'd be surprised where/how you can practice yoga. Various arrangements available.     

Gain 1:1 instruction in a customized program designed around your asana, meditation practice and/or Human Resource coaching needs. 

Write or call 312.405.4219 for a consultation.

Charm your chakra with an #AttitudeOfEnergy:

What is a chakra? 
7 chakras or energy centers colorfully shine from within the body, to light up your life. Each chakra has unique powers and all boost overall wellbeing, when healthy and balanced.

Affirm your attitude of energy with chakraTUDE.  See the inspiration here:

The creation of chakraTUDE

Have a sassy charm for each of your chakras.  3 affirmations to choose from for each chakra
Host a chakraTUDE party! Gather friends in your space or at xuntas and Irma will guide the group in an exploration of body with gentle yoga poses bringing attention to each of the chakras. Then, take home the charm(s) that your body craves to keep the attitude of energy alive!
Write for more info


Just Completed:

Past Getaways (click for slideshows):
Greetings from Earths Root Chakra, Oct 2016:
2016 Strength in Stillness #YogaConIrma getaway

Hello from Feb 2016 Island Immersion:
Hiking the jungle trails, selfie break
Ocean Park Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Getaway with Irma to your own venue of choice or to xuntas' - the place to gather, lovely 1300 sq ft studio space. Or, for those seeking more adventure, travel to an energizing, mystical, uplifting location on earth. Irma's recent personal retreats to the earth's Energy Centers inspire to want to share how to discover healing of body, mind and spirit by tapping into divine, universal wonder.    
Perfect for a team building activity like no other, Irma can:
  • customize a workshop or retreat tailored to group size, budget, time frame, location, physical capability or interest, etc
  • align the activities with other goals that you and your team are pursuing
  • coordinate meals, transportation, equipment, music, dancing, entertainment, needs
  • provide follow-up consultation to reinforce and go deeper in lessons learned    
Glastonbury, UK:  Earths Heart Energy Center 

Glastonbury, UK:  Earth's Heart Chakra Energy Center 
Personal retreat, 2011 and 2013