My Mission

I guide global businesses, teams and individuals to fulfill true purpose in work and life with energetic play and holistic HR strategies that awaken the spirit.

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A Diversity, Inclusion and Workplace Respect program introduction 
What is your superhuman power?  Find Out.

and possible applications in the workplace

‘xuntas’ is a play on the Spanish term ‘juntas’ meaning ‘together’ in its feminine form. It represents a bit of the creator's origin, intention and not coincidentally, the growing client profile.

About Me: Irma Vázquez 

Healer of HR, SPHR Holistic Human Resources consultant 
Certified Teacher of Yoga (CYT), Yoga Alliance
mistress of energy - Certified clairvoyant healing psychic

   With extensive international experience in corporate global HR roles I've led cross cultural, diverse teams to develop and deliver people strategies. My executive level business partnerships range from established billion dollar company merger and acquisitions to building innovative start-ups and joint ventures. 
   As a practitioner yogini, clairvoyant energy healer and shamanic student, I beautifully blend gross and subtle qualities of human learning and growth into provocative consultation for a holistic, meaningful experience. I design and deliver work/life-serving initiatives so that people may awaken, engage and perform as their best selves with fulfillment at work.

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