For Businesses

Holistic Human Resources Consultation

I guide global businesses, teams and individuals to fulfill true purpose in work and life with energetic play and holistic HR strategies that awaken the spirit.

Engage Irma on a consultative or part-time basis to Refresh energy in your world at work with provocative, holistic people strategies that matter.  

Recent client projects include:
  • NEW! A Diversity, Inclusion and Workplace Respect training that solves the problem of fostering unique individuality while nurturing a collective culture and other collaborative goals; through game! Click photo to read more....
Client: City Of Huntsville #MeToo Games People Play
  • Interim HR Director Consulting on the daily operations and strategic evolution of the HR function for a delish restaurant group business that is amidst leadership transformation.  
  • Manager 101 training content development and delivery. An energetic curriculum of continual learning taught with experiential mindfulness, movement and role-playing games for first time managers of people.  Holistic content includes Diversity & Inclusion, Building Trust, Creating Teams, Coaching People and more with plenty of role-playing skills PRACTICE!
    Client: HBR Consulting Cohort #4
  • Performance Management reinvention - Shift from Evaluating to Valuing people. A program advocating a Beginner's Mind valuing imagination, curiosity and creativity through a learning cycle of continual growth rather than using process driven judgmental evaluative ratings.   Click image to read more...Client: HBR Consulting
  • M&A organization restructure program management -  Developed various techniques to ensure the human element was considered in all people and organization decisions with meditations and bigger picture perspective tone-setting with the decision-making team.
  • Well-being at Work program - a unique one-of-a-kind global Happiness Campaign promoting positive intentional activities via a supportive community of resources. 

Other Ways to engage, partner with me to:

  • Plan an energizing meeting
  • Facilitate your meetings
  • Interject meditations or movements that keep energy fresh and creativity flowing
  • Teach a breathwork and mindfulness class with techniques that others can share with their peers or teams.
Client: Truman College
  • Deliver a full  yoga meditation or creative flow class as part of your meeting
Client: Camp Boundless Catalyst Ranch
  • Bring a serious of yoga and meditation classes to your workplace

Why and How does yoga matter?
Mindfulness and Physical activity have been credited with numerous benefits to the human physical, emotional and mental body and soul spirit. When you get out of the daily routine, you can experience an awakening of the physical senses and a rejuvenation of your deeper connection to you.  

Irma’s extensive corporate global Human Resources background coupled with her 15+ year yoga practice beautifully blends the gross and subtle qualities of human learning and growth into a playful and moving experience.

Write to schedule an introductory consultation to determine what's possible.