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    Dandong Zhen Sheng Technology Co., Ltd., committed to the development and sales on non-destructive testing equipment.
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      • Real-time Imaging
      • Pipeline Crawlers
      • Wireless X-ray Units
      • Mobile X-ray Units
      • Portable X-ray Units
      • MPI
      Real-time Imaging Systems

      Our X-ray Real-time Imaging Systems are used for dynamic real-time imaging inspections, with high image quality, fast process speed, dynamic and static noise reduction, increased detection accuracy and reliability, together with 1-5 dimensional mechanical transmission unit, the systems have the flexibility to choose different viewing angles for internal defects with the best dynamic results.

      Pipeline Crawlers

      DTC X-ray Pipeline Crawler System consists of Crawler, X-ray Generator, Tracking System, Communication Devices, and Battery Pack. Dual tracking system (magnetic and video) is also available for enhanced accuracy and easy-operation. The system is widely used for defects inspection and repair of natural gas pipelines, oil pipelines, urban water supply and drainage pipes, water pipes and other pressure pipelines.

      Wireless X-ray Units

      Developed by collaboration with UK and Iran R&D teams, DTX/WF is our next generation of constant frequency wireless integrated X-ray Unit. By utilizing HMI and connecting with PLC, Wireless Communication Module, DT Integrated Circuit and varies sensors, user can send operation commands and set parameters using the touch screen display.

      Mobile X-ray Units

      Mobile (Fixed) X-ray Inspection Unit is mainly used for online production and laboratory projects. The system utilizes ceramic X-ray tube, which is suitable for both real-time image inspection and film inspection. It has been widely used in national defence, aviation, aerospace, chemical, shipbuilding, automotive, pressure vessels, machinery manufacturing, plastics, refractories and other industries and materials testing.

      Portable X-ray Units

      Portable X-ray Units are light weight X-ray detection systems, they are easy to carry around and suitable for filed works. This equipment is commonly used in the fields of shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, transportation and construction. It is used to check the quality of materials from vessel body, pipeline, high pressure container, aircraft, vehicle and bridge.

      Magnetic Particle Inspection

      DTS smart MPI Yokes are battery-powered, especially suitable for the magnetic particle inspection of internal structure of boilers and pressure vessels, aerial work, eliminating the need of setting AC power, and improving the safety level. The unit comes with a special equipment bag, which can also store accessories such as magnetic supplies, power supply along with the detector.

      More+ABOUT US

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      Dandong Zhen Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the border city of Dandong, which is next to North Korea just by an river. We are specialised in developing and selling non-destructive testing equipment and instruments. Over the years, our in-house R&D team have cooperated with research teams from overseas, developing highly integrated, automated non-destructive testing products, visual pipeline crawlers, wireless automated X-ray machines, and intelligent X-Ray inspection lines, with advanced technologies and industry leading design. We have a number of national patents and our company has passed and is fully in compliance with ISO 9001 and the European CE certification.


      Our goal is making the product that are more convenient and simple to use, more intelligent, lightweight, with new concepts such as wireless and touchscreen, and more features. Our products have been wildly used in non-destructive testing of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, power, petroleum, chemical, pressure vessels and other industries. With military-grade products and highly recommended by the industry, our market share in both domestic and international markets have gone up steadily in the recent years.


      We take "customer first" as business philosophy, with professional technologies and high-quality services, we have gained the trust of customers and won a good reputation among domestic and overseas NDT counterparts and customers. We sincerely welcome any new and existing customers to visit our company to know us better.


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      Address: 96 Wuwei Rd, Zhenxing District, Dandong, Liaoning, China

      Mobile: 13942500037

      Tel: 86-0415-4259286 86-0415-4257023

      E-mail: x-ray@www.xuntaschicago.com