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FREE Yoga Stretches and FREE mini Thai Massages
Doors Open 9:00 - 5:00
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All Levels, Walk Ins Welcome, Arrive 5 minutes before class.
Four 1 hour classes taught in honor of EARTH DAY.  Through a community yoga practice, let's give back loving and nurturing prana (life force) to our planet that gives to us every day.  Join any or all!

10:30 - Yoga con Irma, Se Habla Espanol (Basicos de Yoga)
12:00 - Lily Sussman, First Chakra Flow (Vinyasa, breath synchronized)
1:30 - Megan Drozd, Intro to Astanga (Classical Yoga)
3:00 - Stephanie Bour, Yoga Nidra (Restorative)

Limited mats available for first come, first served. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.
Yoga con Irma.  All tongues encouraged. :-)  The class will introduce breathing (respiracion), stretching (estiros) & alignment poses (posturas) to raise your awareness (para incrementar conocimiento) of mind (mente), breath (el aliento) and body (cuerpo).

See Irma's bio under Our Story.
Lily Sussman, CYT
A vinyasa yoga flow class that focuses on the root chakra--i.e. emphasizes grounding and connection to earth. Maybe a bit of 2nd chakra too--Focusing on the idea of flow, water, etc. 

Lily believes yoga has the power to free our minds and body, allowing us to reach our potential and live joyful lives.  She combines her unique experience as an education specialist with her yoga training in order to meet the needs of children and adults.  Her yoga classes combine asana(physical poses) pranayama (breathing) and meditation practices. Her aim is to harness the power of yoga to increase people's self-awareness, confidence and clarity to live the lives they choose. 
Megan Drozd, CYT
Introduction to Astanga, the classical form of yoga and it's 8 limbs.  A sequence with specific poses cued by the teacher. 

Megan teaches Astanga and leads Mysore classes currently at Moksha.  Her cues, while true to the classic practice, also are very focused on alignment and understanding what the student needs.  She provides very nurturing yet challenging adjustments in the postures, guiding the student to mindfully deepen their practice.
Stephanie Bour, CYT
Yoga Nidra, 'is referred to as "yogic sleep", "dynamic sleep" or "psychic sleep" where you learn to relax consciously. Yoga nidra is a very deep form of relaxation and has been found to reduce tension, anxiety and headaches and is used to help soldiers with PTSD. The process of yoga nidra is truly accessible for anyone who can lie comfortably on the floor.  Practitioners will be safely guided through relaxing breath work and visualization by spoken word. Then, they are safely brought back to the conscious state. In this yoga nidra class, we will also work on setting a sankalpa, or focused resolution.' - Mia Park

Stephanie is a certified 200 hour yoga alliance teacher from Moksha Yoga.  She apprenticed with Mia Park to learn the style of yoga nidra.